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Review of 9 Steps from M. Velez, Australia from

"I'd like to recommend this book to anyone seeking to take control of their own health and wellbeing. This book is easy to read, presents facts and research data and provides simple yet effective and practical steps to wholeness. I found this book to be a real joy. Best of all the information it presents will be appreciated by those who follow the "medico-scientific model" OR the "New Age" model. An anecdote: I tried the "5 minute healing technique" for the first time just from the information presented on Ms Goodman's website; my sinus pain was immediately alleviated and disappeared after I did the technique two more times- all within 6 hours !! Many thanks to the Ms Goodman!"

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What is the Self Healing System?

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"You can trust me on this - Dr Goodman's exercises really work - you can be healed!"

Dr. Wayne Dyer - best selling author The Power of Intention

"A unique feature of this book is the ability of the authot to teach people how to go within and heal themselves... -- how to connect with the doctot within and find answers to solve any problem in life, be it cancer, a relationship crisis, or a financial challenge."

O. Carl Simonton MD - best selling co-author Getting Well Again

"Dr. Goodman takes you through the process of visualization, ancient self-healing technology, and identifies the self-toxic attitudes that create the illness or pain in the first place"

T E S T I M O N I A L S  -  H E A L I N G   C I R C L E S

The son of a healing circles participant was in a car accident about a year ago. He had many fractures in his skull and body. The doctors told her that he is in a coma, cannot hear nor understand anything and that he will not survive. When she called me I told her that he is going to be fine. To visualize him in good health and to read him the exercises from the Self Healing System Manual. She read him the exercises out loud for about two hours almost every day. She called me a few weeks ago telling me that he is in perfect health and is working again. He now tells other people whose loved ones are in coma, "they can hear you, talk to them, they understand."

A celebrity called a healing circle facilitator to pray for his grandson who was born with a hole in his heart. During a healing circle meeting they practiced the Healing Circle Exercise in which the participants imagined placing the person who needs healing in the center of the circle while focusing healing energy on him. That same day at about that same time, the doctors confirmed that the baby is fine and he was sent home.

82 years old Paul was suffering from heart disease and Parkinson's. He was in a wheelchair and would often fall down or faint. Paul and his wife started practicing the healing exercises daily. Within a few weeks his fainting stopped and he started walking. The most exciting news, told me his wife, how delighted she was that after doing one of the exercises in Using Your Ecstasy as Medicine for the Soul in which he was filling his body with love energy, he had an erection. This was the first time after 20 years of impotency.

During a healing circle meeting in which Jennifer felt the sincerity of her willingness to get well after practicing Making Decisions That Support Your Healing exercise, she announced that her pain disappeared and she started walking without her cane.

Read more about Healing Circles here


Welcome with all my Heart!

Hello, my name is Shivani Goodman. This website is about healing you and your life. Established institutions do not teach people alternative methods to heal themselves and improve the quality of their lives, nor do people acquire self-healing skills naturally.

In 1992 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After going through a range of the therapies used to treat cancer, advanced breast cancer appeared again in 1994. I realized that cancer would soon end my life, and that the medical approach was not working for me.

Having researched and taught self-healing for many years in many countries, I took a vow that if I was able to reverse my cancer, I would devote my life to help erase sickness, pain and suffering from humanity. This website, my work, the Self Healing seminars and my new book, 9 Steps for Reversing or Preventing Cancer and other Diseases, are a partial fulfillment of this vow. And yes, I healed myself of terminal cancer. This power to heal is within us all.

I invite you to join with me to learn how you too can reverse any dis-ease, from anxiety, depression, to pain or illness and achieve a full, happy and rewarding life.

You Can Have What You Truly Want in Due Time

Create a Healing Circle at your home and watch your energy grow. Maybe the most amazing part of the Healing Circle is that you can also earn a living while having fun. Not only do you learn skills that improve your health, your life and the lives of those around you, but you can supplement your income at the same time.

Whatever you wish to have in your life, be it more love, joy, health or wealth, you can have it. There are several universal laws that, if followed, will help you become a magnet that attracts your desires. The basic law is the Newtonian law of "Cause and Effect" or the spiritual principle known as the "Law of Attraction." When you think a thought and feel a strong emotion while thinking that thought, you create a "resonance" or a "vibration" that the universe responds to accordingly. For example, if you think "It gives me so much joy when I have ��� (fill in the blank, e.g. radiant health, financial independence, etc.) in my life," feel that joy right now, as often as possible, all the time. The more you feel it, the faster the results. Don't try to change the outside; as you change inside, the outside follows!!!

Read more about Healing Circles here