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November 11,12,13
(rest on 14,15)
(rest on 18)
19, 20
all dates subject to change

Become a Self Healing System Teacher! Successful Certification permits worldwide teaching of Dr Goodman's techniques for reversing cancer, diseases, pain and illness!

In 1994 Dr. Shivani Goodman healed herself of chronic cancer, and since then has for the past ten years taken her program around the world to teach countless thousands how to heal themselves.

Dr. Goodman's clients and students have used the techniques outlined in her new book 9 Steps for Reversing or Preventing Cancer and Other Diseases to not only reverse and prevent disease, but to heal the conflicts of life. “If we can heal cancer, we have the power to heal any conflict,” says Dr. Goodman. “Conflicts are just indicators of illness on a very small scale, whether in our relationships or the workplace.”

Now, Dr Goodman is offering teach her revolutionary techniques in your town (worldwide) to help allieviate sickness, pain and suffering.

This Certified Intensive in Dr Goodman's Self Healing System will be conducted over 7 days with the following themes:

Day 1
November 26

how healing from within rejuvenates you

Day 2
November 27

connect with your true self

Day 3
November 28

fulfill your purpose and potential


(one day rest break)

Day 4
December 1

learn to create your reality

Day 5
December 2

causes manifestations (Energy in Motion)


(one day rest break)

Day 6
December 4

sharing your gifts and watch them grow

Day 7
December 5

more love, the more you/the world thrive
Swim and explore the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands in your spare time!

Location: Maui, Hawaii, USA
November, 2005


Full 7 Days: $5,000 (couples and family $3,000 each)

$2,000 for first three days session only

$3,000 for final four days session only

Contact Shivani: (808) 875-0191

Special travel rate contact:
Katherine Hamada
Ph: +1-808-879-8333

Send your check or money order, made payable to Dr. Shivani Goodman, to:

Shivani Goodman Ed.D., 2575 S. Kihei Rd, Suite #H314
Kihei, Maui, Hawaii 96753-2772, USA

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