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Healing Circles - information and suggested format


Dear one,

There is a simple Self Healing System which show people how to heal themselves, their loved ones, their neighbors and friends. Everyone can do it and benefit from practicing the exercises, from a 4 year old to a 90 years old.

You learn how to form Healing Circles in your homes, supplement your income, and/or create an enjoyable and meaningful profession, if you wish. It is simple and much needed.

I am now convinced that it dis-stress (an overload of stress) that causes sickness. Most people worry and are anxious about finances which is one of the major causes of dis-stress. Everyone wins with these circles as people learn to regain wellness and increase their abundance.

The exercises help release distress and creative energy that is magically healing. Paradise emerges in people's hearts as a natural by-product, and it spreads!

Here is how it works financially. Participants in the healing circles pay the facilitator a love offering initially of say $50 for 12 meetings. When participants purchase a SHS kit, the facilitator receives a third of the purchase price (currently they receive $100, when the price returns to $600 the facilitator would receive $200). Healing circles meetings can be done in small groups of one or two members or large groups of several thousand people. It’s the individual’s motivation and desire that makes the attendance happen.

Subscribers are welcome to sell the SHS kit as well on your websites. Please let me know if you are interested. A SHS kit includes a manual, 5 CDs and a DVD. CD4 does the Healing Circle work for you, its guides your group throughout the session, step by step from start to completion.

A wonderful FREE gift to people is: I believe that we create our reality and can have want we want. So, people are invited to place their desires in the Forum on my website and the certified teachers are holding your vision with you to help energize them with visualizing them achieved. It is based on an ancient proverb "When you ask for a friend you get answered first" so it’s a win/win all around.

Enormous love to you!!! Shivani


1. A 12 day (or 12 week) series of The Self Healing System procedure training classes will be offered on a 'no required fee' basis. This series suggests a love offering of $50 to offset the time value of the facilitators.

In order to attend any series it is suggested that you commit to attending at the same time every day (or week), on time, for at least one hour.

2. In the event that $50 or more is received as a love offering during the first five days of the training, that amount will be deducted from the purchase price of The Self Healing System.. After five days the offering will have been factored into operating expenses.

3. When the 12 days is finished, another series of the 12 days (or 12 weeks) may be offered on the same basis.



4. A SECOND SERIES TRAINING WILL BEGIN on approximately the 13th day (or 13th week) for those who own The Self Healing System (those who purchased the SHS kit: the Manual, CDs and DVD).

5. The second series people will be considered for the following:
A. Assistant 12 day trainers.
B. Event Facilitator Volunteers when Doctor Goodman presents to the public.
C. Series Facilitators in designing presentation modes & systems.
D. Visioning Group.