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Maui Weekly reviews 9 Steps
read review at Maui Weekly's website here

9 Steps for Reversing or Preventing Cancer and Other Diseases

You don’t have to be sick to put these ideas to use— how to live your healthiest and most joyful life.

by: Shivani Goodman

The process expounded by Shivani Goodman for self-healing is a little New Age philosophy, a little Buddhist-style envisioning, a little Scientology-like “engram” clearing, a little feedback-loop thinking and a lot of taking responsibility for one’s own future.

I am not qualified to comment on the value or effectiveness of her healing methodology, but others with fame and education on their side do that. Let me share some of their comments with you.

O. Carl Simonton, M.D., co-author of Getting Well Again, introduces the book and says that “from time to time certain books come along that help shift the consciousness of humanity to a new level of understanding and healing… [this book is] such a gift.”

Jack Canfield, co\creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books and coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Healthy Soul, provides the foreword. He says, “I am happy that you, too, now get to reap the benefits of [Dr. Goodman’s] commitment to health and healing.”

Wayne Dyer, Ph.D., author of The Power of Intention, writes of 9 Steps…, “Dr. Goodman’s exercises really work—you can be healed.”

While I found myself sometimes wishing she would just make her point and move on to the next, I can accept that Goodman’s round-about style and lengthy explanations are needed for some users of such a book.

In any case, her nine steps are eventually posted on a single page. Knowing those steps in their simplest form will surely tell you whether this is a book you might find meaningful for yourself.

Remember, you don’t have to have cancer or any other disease to put Goodman’s ideas to use. The idea is to find your healthiest and most joyful life and learn to allow yourself to live that life. Here are the steps:

1. Make a decision to be well. 2. Heal your emotional pain. 3. Heal your toxic attitudes. 4. Practice the daily healing routine. 5. Call on the doctor within. 6. Use your doubt to create certainty. 7. Use spiritual energy to enhance your healing. 8. Follow your heart’s bliss and live with passion. 9. Create a healing environment.

All in all, the advice feels sincere and seems excellent, well thought-out and entirely doable. If nothing else, as the saying goes, “like chicken soup for a broken leg, what could it hurt?” Beyond that matter of the process and exercises being harmless, it is for each reader to determine if he or she is in tune with Goodman’s approach. If not, Dyer, Canfield, Simonton and many others have similarly purposed books that may be more appropriate for you.

If you’re wondering where Goodman got all these steps and all this certainty, you should know she tells us that, besides education and years of experience, she has cured herself of breast cancer. That alone inspires a degree of confidence.


Radio Interview with Shivani on Linda Mackenzie's Creative Health & Spirit Radio Show at

6:55 PM Pacific Standard Time November 5, 2004 (California)

Shivani to be interviewed by Linda Mackenzie on which currently goes out to over 127,000 listeners in 30 countries. The interview will be at least 30-35 minutes in length, and if you want a CD copy of the interview, please call (800)555-5453 - $10.00 a copy (includes shipping & handling).

Visit for the FREE live streaming online broadcast that can be accessed from anywhere in the world

Thursday October 28th - Shivani gives a Public Talk at San Antonio Unitarian Church, TX - PDF available here

Shivani's Newsletter
October 25, 2004

Shivani appearing on Lu Parker's Great Day S.A show, San Antonio, Texas on KENS 5 if you can receive this channel on Wednesday, October 27 2004! Shivani will be appearing on the live morning show from 9 - 10 am.

Shivani is also giving a Public Talk at San Antonio Unitarian Church

  • Learn the 5-Minute Self Healing exercise that a physician used to heal his colon cancer in one week.
  • Learn the “9 Steps” that saved Dr. Goodman's life and changed the lives of thousands of seminar participants worldwide.
  • Learn how to reverse any dis-ease, from anxiety, depression, to pain or illness and create a full, happy and rewarding life.

Thursday October 28th 7pm to 9pm
First Unitarian Universalist Church
7150 IH-10 West, San Antonio 78213
phone: (210) 344-4695
or +1-808-875-0191

Shivani talks about her insights gained through personal illness:

"The main reason I got sick and nearly died in the first place was due to a pattern I developed since early childhood - of being against myself rather than supportive of myself. It was very unconscious, I had no idea that I was doing it. I was aware from time to time that I would do strange things whenever I was successful. I would find a way to destroy any success in crazy ways. I would then feel horrible pain of failure and confusion. What I did not realize is that I did not want people to suffer the pain of jealousy and was also afraid that they will hurt me if they felt jealous of me. I would sabotage my success immediately by doing something stupid to create failure. How many of you have also done this?"

"This pattern, has a mirror in the story of Kain and Abel. Kain killed Abel because he was jealous of the love God gave him. This is one of the oldest stories that we know of, so it is obviously one of the most fundamental and powerful. Unconsciously we all have these patterns operating within us to some extent. With some it is more pronounced than others."

"Thousands of people who have benefited from my work have shifted these self destructive patterns towards learning to be more loving, nurturing and caring of their true self and then sharing it with others. Your thoughts and your emotions truly create your reality. You deserve the best, to be successful in all areas of your life. The more you get to know your inherent good nature, the more successful you become. The more successful you become, the more we all benefit from your accomplishments; we all learn from each other's success.

Together we can truly manifest paradise on earth. Practice the self healing processes daily and share them with others, and watch how your blessings grow.

Blessings, Dear Ones"

Shivani |

October 2004 - "9 Steps for Reversing or Preventing Cancer and Other Diseases: Learning to Heal from Within" voted Book of the Month by San Antonio Express News and KENS5

Wednesday, October 27 2004 - Shivani appeared on Lu Parker's Great Day S.A show, San Antonio, Texas on KENS 5

Monday October 11, 2004 - Shivani interviewed on popular Byron Bay radio station BayFM - click here to hear her interview with Lois Hunt

August 13 - September 3, 2004 - Shivani Tour of Australia - Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane - in association with Living Now magazine and Way of the Heart Journal - tour flyer PDF here (1.4Mb)