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The Self Healing System teachings are based on the Self Healing System program that Dr. Goodman used to heal herself, including how to listen to the inner wisdom, how to heal, and how to live a healthy, joyful life.

The sobering statistics that cancer is the #2 killer in our society and soon predicted to be #1, replacing heart disease, are symptoms of a deeper problem that give us profound feedback. Since the deeper cause of heart disease is a closed heart and cancer is a denial of the true self, these societal symptoms are mirroring back to us our collective longing to connect with a higher self, a higher purpose and a higher passion, enthusiasm and excitement about life.

Thousands of people have reported healing from life-threatening challenges and improvement in major areas of their lives using this Self Healing System process. Dr. Goodman shows you how you can enjoy radiant health and feelings of love and well-being as you learn to reverse toxic thought patterns that block you and your life. Unlock the secrets of how to cure yourself of everything from cancer to heart disease, from emotional pain to mental stress.

The Self Healing System is a powerful synthesis of ancient self-healing knowledge that had been buried for centuries, combined with the latest researched Western body/mind medicine techniques.

Dr. Goodman's Self Healing System is based on the author's thirty years of professional and personal experience. Her work is for patients, loved ones, support groups and healthcare professionals to offer an option to costly medical treatment for reversing or preventing cancer and other diseases and/or improving the quality of one's life. Shivani's Self Healing System presents a program with step-by-step, practical techniques and vital tools that teach both adults and children non-invasive exercises to reverse and prevent cancer and other diseases.

Dr. Goodman shares a self-healing program by an author who has had cancer, tumors and severe allergies and successfully reversed them using this Self Healing System method. The processes offer an easy-to-follow system to relieve pain, rebuild the immune system and increase energy, health, the will to live and hope for the future.

People learn to identify any form of suffering, including cancer or other diseases as a symptom of denial of the true self--the inherent goodness, value and joy in all of us. One learns to understand and heal the psychological and spiritual causes of dis-ease. Disease is a product of lack of ease in one's life. People are empowered to heal themselves - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually - while enabling their creative and intuitive abilities to flourish.

People become aware of how subconscious toxic decisions against themselves sabotage and rule their lives. This is a self-destructive mechanism that can be changed. The first step is to make the changes in their emotional, mental and spiritual health. The physical changes then follow the changes that are made inside. As the energies of peace, love and joy are strengthened and grow to new levels of harmony, symptoms of pain, suffering, fear and sickness begin to diminish. Eventually there will be less and less sickness in people's lives. There will be no more need for it.

In the Self Healing System Programs, the participants learn to read the messages their body is giving them so they can support the body's inherent healing process. They discover how they denied their needs when they made decisions that acted against their true self of goodness and worthiness, and how to correct it. The person learns to listen to the doctor within and follow its guidance. People learn how to practice self-healing exercises to tap into the vital life force that energizes and heals the body. As pain and fear are relieved through the practice of these exercises, the body relaxes and the mind becomes quiet. Then the students learn to connect with their spiritual source, the source of all healing. Finally, they learn to follow their heart's true bliss, the path of their true self.

The exercises taught re-educate the mind back to the truth of one's inherent goodness and worthiness, which sends signals to the brain to strengthen the immune system and begin the healing process. As the exercises are practiced regularly, cancer and other diseases begin to be reversed or prevented. In the words of Shivani Goodman, "If I can do it, so can you!"

Finally, the Self Healing System teachings under Dr Shivani Goodman's guidance certifies successful participants to be able to teach these techniques themselves, to hold their own workshops under the Self Teaching System guidelines and continue to spread the good news that illness can be transformed without resorting to medical solutions. Further details regarding the benefits of certification can be obtained by contacting Shivani directly.